Cyber Awareness Week Begins In Odisha

In an attempt to create awareness about different levels of cyber threats and breaches, the E&IT Department of the Odisha government has kick-started a week-long cyber awareness drive. The drive, starting from Monday, was inaugurated by the Chief Secretary in presence of E&IT Department Secretary and other officials.

“People irrespective of their educational background, need to be aware and remain safe against falling victim to cybercrimes. The criminals adopt different techniques like spam scams, malicious applications, clickjacking, and phishing”, said Asit Kumar Tripathy, Chief Secretary. Home Department Principal Secretary.

This increasing rate of cybercrime can be controlled by user awareness as well as efficient tracking of cybercriminals. The government is spreading its network for identifying cybercriminals. The citizens can add to this by keeping themselves safe through awareness and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

Electronic and IT Principal Secretary Manoj Mishra also shared his valued opinion on the issue, “Taking precaution becomes possible only when one is aware of various types of cybercrime. The present campaign has been launched to create a State-wide movement against cybercrime. In this campaign, various practical demonstrations would be shown to people, students and youths”.

A handbook on cyber safety and cybersecurity has been launched, which along with leaflets and posters, will be distributed in course of the campaign.

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