Patnaik seeks Soren’s help for completion of Iccha Dam Project

In a project that could benefit both Odisha and Jharkhand, CM Naveen Patnaik has sought help from Hemant Soren – his counterpart in Jharkhand – for expedited completion of the Iccha Dam project. The Iccha Dam, built over the Kharkhai river in Jharkhand, would regularise water supply and consequently benefit agricultural activities in both states.

“I would like to bring to your kind notice that the Subarnarekha irrigation project of Odisha will be able to utilize its full irrigation potential only after completion of the Ichha dam by the government of Jharkhand. I am happy to know that Jharkhand has taken up the Ichha dam construction work recently,” Patnaik wrote.

The Chief Minister said that the Odisha Government will extend cooperation for timely completion of the construction of the dam, and reimburse Odisha’s share of expenses over time. As per calculations made earlier, Odisha will contribute 26.46% of the total expense. Out of an estimated share of ₹1208 crores (2016 estimates), it has already paid around ₹1027 crores to the neighbouring state.

Patnaik mentioned that the water on Chandil dam across the Subarnarekha is getting stored only to a level of 181.5 metres against its sanctioned capacity of 192 metres, which resulted in a flood-like situation for Odisha. He added that as many as thirty-six villages in Odisha have faced submergence because of the dam.

“Accordingly, land acquisition and rehabilitation and resettlement work in Odisha have been taken up. As of now, 5,196 acres of land (98%) out of 5,283 acres have already been acquired. Rehabilitation assistance has been paid to 1,268 project-affected people out of the total identified 1,369 affected, which is about 93%,” he wrote.

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