Odisha Legislative Assembly Issues Safety Guidelines For Coronavirus

India has documented a rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in the past week, with over 70 cases confirmed in the country, including 16 foreign nationals. As a precautionary measure, the Government of India has issued a travel advisory to citizens to avoid non-essential travel abroad and has also scrapped all visas, barring a few categories, for entry into India till April 15.

Though Odisha hasn’t had a single positive case of Coronavirus yet, the Odisha Legislative Assembly has established safety guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19.

The guidelines state:

-To maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the working space, furniture and equipment including tables, chairs, computers, phones and other assets are to be cleaned at least six times with disinfectants and sanitizers.

-Directions have been given to staffers and legislators to clean their hands frequently with handwash/soaps.

-Staffers/legislators are directed to use tissue papers to sneeze or cough.

-Staffers/legislators are prohibited from organizing meetings that require huge gatherings.

-Staffers/legislators are directed to avoid fingerprint-based biometric attendance used to register their presence.

-Staffers/legislators suffering from, cold, cough and fever are advised to consult doctors present at the Assembly’s dispensary and use the prescribed medicines.

-Staffers/legislators are advised to not litter in the Assembly’s premises.

Further, workplace advisory and telephonic information have also been issued by the Odisha Government to the general public, government departments, corporates, and other institutes.

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