Odisha CM Issues Rs 385 Crore Aid For Construction Workers

A sum of Rs 385 crore was dispensed to 26 lakh registered construction workers in Odisha as a Covid assistance package. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said all registered construction workers in the state will be provided with a financial aid of Rs 1500.

The Chief Minister, via a video conference, said “No one can deprive poor people of their rights. The poor have every right to live with dignity”. Patnaik said that this aid will serve in decreasing the distress of the construction worker during the Covid pandemic.

The CM addressed construction workers as ‘Biswakarmas’ who sacrifice their happiness for the comfort of others. He further highlighted the role of construction workers in boosting the economy

“They build big buildings with their backs exposed to the scorching sun. They burn themselves to show light to others. They build good houses for others while staying in hospitable conditions. They build roads, bridges, etc. On every page of our progress lies a story of the sacrifice and hard work of the workers. By respecting the sacrifice of the poor people we can connect all with development,” said Patnaik.

Construction workers too expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the CM for this assistance. “Your assistance at this hour of crisis has saved us. Last year we had received Rs 1500, this year too we got it. In addition to that we are getting assistance for the studies of our children, bicycle, daughter’s marriage and everything,” a worker said.

Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik, the Chairman of Odisha Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, notified that the Board operates 32 schemes for construction workers and these services are being efficiently delivered through the 5T initiative.

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