NDRF Building Sub-centres In Odisha For Disaster Management

New sub-centres will be set up by NDRF across the calamity-prone state of Odisha, with its main hub situated at Munduli in Cuttack district. This will be a protective measure in reducing the severity of natural disasters.

Minimizing response time and ensuring proper distribution of resources during natural disasters will be the main motive of these sub-centres, said NDRF Director General S N Pradha.

A complete disaster response grid with dedicated sub-centres in northern, southern and western regions of the state is being planned which will be deployed soon. The sub-centres will be of immense help during and post the occurrence of unforeseen natural disasters.

Currently, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) operates out of its base at Munduli, dispatching its personnel from there to remote locations within Odisha and other neighbouring states to deal with any exigency. This takes a lot of time in the recovery period and also makes it difficult to send resources to remote locations.

In the wake of an increase in the number of natural disasters occurring worldwide, it is important to focus on urban re-planning. It is also vital that collective efforts are made on the plantation of trees to withstand high-velocity wind, especially in cyclone-prone areas.

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