Naveen Patnaik’s Suggestions For PM Modi On Covid-19 Vaccination: Details

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to allow the sale of Covid-19 vaccines in the open market outside the government supply chain. Patnaik also had a host of other suggestions for the PM to improve the vaccination drive across the country.

“Covid-19 vaccines may be made available outside the government supply chain in the open market so that willing citizens who can afford the vaccine can avail of it. This will help governments have a focused approach towards vulnerable sections of the society and reduce the burden.”

Patnaik further urged PM Modi to use vaccines approved by internationally credible agencies. Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V was recently approved by India and the initial batch is set to be transported to the country in April.

Patnaik also suggested ramping up vaccine production with the help of the Centre and state governments. “Covid vaccines that have been already approved globally by credible agencies and governments may be accorded approval to increase supply. India has a huge vaccine manufacturing potential and the Centre and states should support units to ramp up vaccine production. As this is an extraordinary situation, our governments should run the extra mile in this regard,” the CM wrote in his letter.

As his last suggestion, the CM said metropolitan regions that contribute the maximum number of Covid-19 cases should be prioritised in the country’s vaccination drive with flexibility in the age criteria in these cities. Patnaik also pointed out that metropolitan regions being the economic hubs affect the labour movement and the economy during lockdowns.

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