Highway Patrolling Units Rolled Out in Odisha

To provide quick attention to road accidents that occur on the highways, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has rolled out 18 highway patrolling units in the state. The patrolling units will be placed at 18 stretches on various state and national highways.

Raising concern over the deaths related to road accidents in the state, the Chief Minister said that such steps will help in reducing the fatalities due to road accidents in Odisha.

Announcing the introduction of Highway Patrolling, he said that the timing for taking an accident victim from a point of accident to the nearest hospital is crucial in saving lives. “The quicker we can take an injured person to a hospital, the better is the chance of survival,” he added.

The 18 patrolling units have been rolled out in the first phase. The Odisha Government aims to create 36 patrolling units in various accident-prone stretches. Chief Minister Patnaik also asked the officials to resume more sensitization initiatives for drivers on various road safety mechanisms and laws relating to it.

Highway Patrolling Units Odisha Naveen Patnaik

The 18 Highway Patrolling units will be deployed in the following stretches in the first phase:

Ganjam –

• Khurdha district border to Rambha
• Rambha to Chhatrapur
• Chhatrapur to Girisola.

Berhampur –

• Gopalpur Chhak to Golanthara border

Khurdha –

• Pittapali to Tapang Check gate.
• Tapang Check Gate to Tangi P.S.
• Tangri PS. To Ganjam district border

Angul –

• Angul Town to Jarapada

Bargarh –

• Bargarh district border to Sohela.

Rourkela –

• Panposh Chhak to Kansbahal

Balasore –

• Rupsa P.S. to Sergarh Toll Gate.

Bhadrak –

• Balasore district border to Nalanga.
• Nalanga to Jajpur district border

Puri –

• Satyabadi to Puri Town

Jajpur –

• Bhadrak district border to Jarka.
• Kuakhia to Chhatia

Cuttack –

• Chhatia to Manguli.
• Adhala to Baladiabandh

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