Growing Protests Against BJD From Opposition Parties

The BJD government has been facing numerous protests from oppositions BJP and Congress over issues such as water crisis in some areas, violence against women and the rising crime rate in the state.

A group of residents of Gajapati Nagar locality, led by BJP leader Ram Kumar Patra, staged a protest before the Public Health Engineering Organisation (PHEO) office over the lack of water supply in their locality.

The protest was staged with empty water containers being used as roadblocks. Satish Panigrahy, a resident, alleged that since the last five days, water has not been supplied to the area due to which locals are facing innumerable problems.

Superintending Engineer AK Nayak discussed with the protestors and assured that water supply will be resumed. Nayak stated the reason for discontinued supply is the numerous snags in the major pipelines.

Odisha, as it is, has faced rain deficit this year which has led to water shortage throughout the state. In addition, there have been numerous protests regarding the untimely water supply. To overcome the situation, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has set a deadline for the resolution of these issues.

Meanwhile, the Congress party today staged a three-hour state-wide protest, over rising rape incidents and cases of missing children in the state, in all the district headquarters from 10 am to 1 pm.