Fancy Vehicle Number Registrations Fetch Rs 11.24 Crores for Odisha STA

The Odisha Government through the State Transport Authority has collected a sum of Rs 11.24 crores from automobile owners paying a premium to get fancy registration numbers for their vehicles. The data is an aggregate of the sum collected over the last six months (October 2020 – 31st March 2021), the OSTA informed.

As per available data, the process to make available fancy registration numbers to the general public for a premium price had fetched Rs 6 crores in the previous fiscal year. The sum collected over the last six months alone is an 87.33% jump over the amount gathered in FY 2019-20.

Odisha is a pioneer state when it comes to digital, paperless and contactless vehicle registrations – being the first state to transition to a completely virtual platform to do the same. It introduced a document upload system that would authenticate itself with the authorised digital signature of the dealer. After auto registrations were introduced, the number of vehicle owners queuing up to claim a number shot up to 11,543, while last year the count was only around 5,562.

The Odisha State Transport Authority had introduced the ‘Fancy Registration Number’ auction and ‘Advance Registration Number’ booking system through an online portal from June 2016. The Fancy Registration Number scheme allows owners to get unique registration numbers, which are otherwise a rarity. However, the owners wishing to get such numbers have to pay significantly higher charges, which is collected by the Government as a source of revenue generation.

As per the OSTA, the Bhubaneswar RTO-I has collected the highest sum, cumulatively worth Rs 2.81 crores, followed by Cuttack RTO with a figure of Rs 1.23 crores. A fancy number, OD 02 XX 0001, fetched the highest auction price at Rs 1.75 lakhs.

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