Civic Services To Be Brought Under ‘Mo Sarkar’ Soon

Civic services provided by the subordinate offices under the state’s housing and urban development (H&UD) department would be brought under the umbrella of the Mo Sarkar from 1 January 2020.

The premier scheme would be implemented in as many as 360 subordinate offices, such as urban local bodies, public health and engineering offices, and development authorities among others. The Mo Sarkar initiative is the brainchild of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, which attempts to incorporate a feedback-based governance model as the root of administrative reform in the state.

The Mo Sarkar cells will be launched in all the three hundred and sixty offices identified. “A database of citizens visiting these offices in connection to different services shall be created in the format specified by the IT Department. The data captured in these offices will be utilized to seek feedback from the people”, said H&UD Minister Pratap Jena.

Making it clear that the objective of Mo Sarkar was ultimately to serve people with dignity, Jena stated that the Chief Minister, senior officials from the department, and himself would dial random numbers to seek feedback from people about their experiences in the offices that they had visited.