Bhubaneswar Traffic Regulation Tightens Heavy Penalties Imposed

Bhubaneswar City Commissionerate Police collected a fine of more than Rs 2 lakh from traffic violators on the first day of implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Act. About 1530 persons were fined by Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) and police in different areas. Steep penalties have been imposed including fines up to Rs 37,500 on heavy-weight vehicles.

G Srinivas, State Transport Secretary said, “All RTOs administered the new MV act. Each of them booked cases including general offences, persons riding bikes without helmets, absence of documents like insurance and DL”.

On September 1st, the RTOs had penalised around 1011 violators by evening. The total imposed fine summed up to rupees 17.36 lakh. More than 690 people were penalized for general offence (Rs 500 fine each), 168 for driving without DL (Rs 5,000 fine each) , 55 for over-speeding (Rs 5,000 fine each), 44 for driving hastily (Rs 5,000 each), five for using mobile while driving (Rs 5,000 fine each), eight for drunken driving (Rs 10,000 each), 207 for driving without seatbelt (Rs 1,000 fine each) and 193 without helmet (Rs 1,000 fine each).

For traffic violators who refused to pay the penalty amount, transport officers said, “We will seize their vehicles if they fail to deposit the fine and send prosecution report (PR) to court where the violators will face trial”

The Motor Vehicles Act was earlier amended by the centre as the penalty amount was raised to prevent the growing accident-related deaths in the country. Notably, accident recorded deaths increased in Odisha by nearly 11 per cent in 2018. The reported number of deaths due to road accidents went up to 5315 in 2018 from 4790 in 2017 in Odisha.

Earlier, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy had directed the Director-General of Police (DGP) to ensure strict implementation of the new rules. He instructed the DGP to substitute the enforcement process from manual to e-challan. Therefore, the police will be given 500 handheld devices for issuing e-challans, which will be integrated with Vahan and Sarathi applications.