A Peace Haven In The Middle Of The Jungle – Satkosia Sands Resort Odisha

Satkosia Sands Resort is a nature camp owned and managed by the Forest Department of Odisha, located right in the middle of the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Badmul. While you need permission from the forest authorities to visit the rest of the Reserve or the Core area, this open-to-all sprawling jungle camp allows adventurers and enthusiasts alike to take in the wonderful sights of the Mahanadi river amidst a serene hilly backdrop, while exploring bits of the reserve.

Satkosia Tent

How To Get There?

By car, you can drive directly from Bhubaneswar or Cuttack. We recommend taking the route through Khurda as it offers better roads. The drive is scenic and you can stop for some local snacks on the way including Chenna Poda, Samosa, Aloodum-Dahivada and more. Be sure to carry plenty of water though.

Drive Time: Around 3 and a half hours
Maps: Google Maps provides a correct road map, which is fairly straightforward


There are three distinct accommodation types at the camp. Two person camps (9) right on the sandbar alongside the river (you can literally walk up to the water), two-person non-AC (9) and AC (4) Swiss tents on the sandbar and the mountain slope adjoining the river, and AC cottages (3) on the mountain slope. The rooms are clean and spacious, and they do give you blankets to brave the cold. While they do not have room service, there is a roofed common area where meals are served.

What To Do There?

The camp itself organises various activities, including a boat ride on the Mahanadi river during which you can spot langurs, turtles, giant squirrels and massive crocodiles. Guides take you on a Jungle Trek in the morning (optional, as it can be quite cold at 7 am) where if you are lucky, you may spot the odd deer or a bear. Tiger sightings are minimal as the camp is outside the core area. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner is taken care of by the camp staff and locals. A folk song and dance is performed by the locals around the evening tea and snacks. Odisha’s first canopy walk has also opened at Satkosia Sands Resort where you can enjoy a short walk through the trees.

Mahanadi River View

Apart from the above, the natural beauty of the surroundings itself will enthral you. You can play volleyball or football on the sand, cycle around the camp, watch the sunset, and sit around the bonfires. You are allowed access to the sandbar at any time (even at night – they give you torches!). The staff is friendly, helpful and non-intrusive. Food is local and of good quality. Bask in the glow of the Mahanadi sunset, listen to the chirp of the jungle birds, or just cosy up and have a private party – this place is perfect for an overnight stay.

Prices (per night) at Satkosia Sands Resort

  • AC Cottages – Rs. 4000
  • Swiss Tents (AC) – Rs. 3500
  • Swiss Tents (non-AC) – Rs. 3000
  • Camping Tents – Rs. 2000

Bookings at: https://www.ecotourodisha.com/exploreecotourism.php (Go to the Satkosia Sands Resort, Badmul tab)
Check-In: 12 noon
Check Out: 10 am

Satkosia Sands Resort Tents

Pro Tip

The AC cottages are limited, so book well in advance. One, among the three (the last one), is slightly higher than the others and in our opinion has a better view till the sun sets.

Also, for those with mobility issues, there are around 50 stairs to climb to get to the AC cottages which can give you a slight huff. You can bypass the stairs of course – by taking the longer but less strenuous side trail.

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