Six Occasions Where Contribution Of Police To Fight Fani Will Melt Your Heart

1. A male police constable held an infant in his arms and ran to the safe shelter during the process of evacuation.

Police constable helping Fani Affected people

2. A woman police officer took two citizens with her on a two wheeler and drove them to the cyclone shelter.

Woman Police officer helping Fani Affected People

3. A police officer with folded hands requesting vulnerable families residing in the coast to leave their home and move to safety shelters to save their lives.

3. Police Officer Helping people shifting before Fani

4. A traffic constable going out of his way to fix an inflatable LED street lamp to illuminate the surroundings and help the public in getting relief from darkness.

4. Traffic Police fixing Emergency Street Lamp After Fani

5. CP and his 8 member team braving the storm and rain to clear roadways and enable movement of supplies and utilities as well as the pathway to Secretariat in order to get the Government machinery running.

6. ASI of a Police Station who after being hit on the head by the branch of a tree while on duty and rushed to Trauma center on 3 May joined duty on 6 May.

7. Glimpses of police persons working for the quick recovery after cyclone Fani.

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