Odisha Labourer Becomes Youtube Sensation, Earns in Lakhs

When the pandemic devastated the lives of thousands of wage labourers, Odisha’s Isak Munda used it as an opportunity to start his own YouTube channel. Munda, who is now a Labourer-turned-YouTuber, hails from Babupali in Sambalpur district’s Jujumura block. He started his YouTube journey on his friend’s mobile phone during the lockdown last year and soon began to create his unique content.

As of today, he has 7.36 lakh subscribers. “One day I was watching videos on my mobile phone when a video popped up. In the video, the presenter suggested making videos and uploading them on YouTube to earn money. I repeatedly watched the video and decided to give it a try,” said the 35-year-old.

Munda’s first video was the ‘Rice and Indian Sambar Fast Eating’ clip. In that clip, he ate a bowlful of boiled rice with raw tomato and green chilli with dal. He spoke in a very raw manner, mixing Hindi with the Sambalpuri, a native language of the residents of Sambalpur. His videos usually depict his village lifestyle and food, which is now being watched by lakhs of people earning him fame along with a decent income.

Addressing the media, Munda said, “I had taken a loan of Rs 3,000, to buy my first little smartphone to make videos. My first video has been viewed by more than 4.99 lakh people. I make videos about life in my poor household and village showing what and how we eat. I am happy that my videos are received so well by many. I am making a decent income now”.

In June 2020, Isak Munda earned Rs 37,000 in his bank account, and then three months later he got Rs 5 lakh, and the money kept compounding as his channel’s watch time increased.

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