Five Easy-to-cook Odia Side Dishes That Perfectly Complement Every Meal

One of the most culturally nourished states of India – Odisha flaunts a rich religious canvas which is reflected in Odia food. It is simple, yet unbelievably delicious, and is prepared using very little oil, which makes it healthy too. Odia cuisine is a fair mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and yes, tons of sweets too. Apart from the myriad unique and authentic delicacies that Odias like to relish, there are several side dishes that very often steal the limelight. These side dishes perfectly complement every meal and are out-and-out the highlight of the spread. Tempted? Here are five Odia side dishes that you can whip up quickly and easily.

Dahi Baigana

Dahi Baigana Odisha Side Dish
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A very popular side dish in Odisha – Dahi Baigana is made of fried eggplants cooked in a yoghurt gravy. Whipped curd is fused with spiced seasoning and fried Brinjals (baby Brinjals or chopped eggplant) to give you a delicious savoury entrée. Preparing it for an auspicious occasion? Skip the onion and garlic without worrying about altering the taste significantly.

Dahi Baigana Recipe

Tomato Khatta

Tomato Khatta Odia Side Dishes
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You will always find Tomato Khatta on the list of temple food, festival food or as a part of any celebratory meal in Odisha. This recipe celebrates the freshness of tomatoes married to the sweetness that dates lend to create an irresistible side dish. It is easy to prepare and is one of the most common side dish consumed in any Odia household.

Tomato Khatta Recipe

Kalama Saga Bhaja

Kalama Saga Bhaja
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Kalama Saga, or more commonly known as Water Spinach, plays a monumental role in Odia cuisine. Kalama Saga Bhaja is a popular side dish that is often served with rice and dal. It is made using healthy and nutritious ingredients like Potato, Brinjal, Lady Fingers, Raw Banana, Onions, Garlic and more. Water Spinach itself is packed with nutritious goodness and keeps diseases at bay, so binge away, guilt free!

Kalama Saga Bhaja Recipe

Chhuin Bhaja

Chhuin Bhaja Odisha Dish
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Let us just take the liberty to say, Chhuin Bhaja is a better take on potato wedges. It is a delicious amalgamation of potato and drumstick pods, slow-cooked with red chillies, garlic, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and laced with Pancha Phutana. Relish it with some dal and steamed rice and you will be left licking your fingers.

Chhuin Bhaja Recipe

Badi Chura

Badi Chura Odisha Dish
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You know how sometimes the main dish is perfectly splendid, except it’s lacking that much-needed texture? Badi Chura is the MVP of Odisha’s most-relished side dishes that adds that indispensable crunch to your meal. Badi stands for sun-dried lentil dumplings and Chura is a coarsely crushed mixture. This savoury masterpiece is a mixture of Badi, onion, salt, mustard oil and can be prepared in a jiffy!

Badi Chura Recipe

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