A Sudden Uprise Of A “Healthy Eating” Culture In Bhubaneswar

With a sudden switch of eating habits and people becoming more conscious of their diets owing to trends, cities and metros have been compelled to cater to a new-found palate and gut culture that seeks out the healthiest possible alternatives to meals that are also delicious.

If you thought healthy food can’t be interesting and appetising, Bhubaneswar’s upcoming and newly sprouted healthy food joints are geared up to change your mind. Existing eateries have also re-curated their menus to accommodate dishes for the connoisseurs of healthy food and my my, are they delicious!

Typically, the food in Bhubaneswar, or even Odisha for that matter, is relatively healthier than the rest of India. It’s carefully crafted with protein, fibre, good fats and carbohydrates to create a balanced meal. However, grabbing a bite of street food every now and again is the trend that most Odias guiltlessly enjoy. Binging on delicious local nibbles like rolls, samosas, vada, fried delicacies paired with a steaming cup of tea is what folks in Bhubaneswar call a typical Tuesday.

Back in the day, the only food joint that vaguely resembled the option of healthy eating was Subway, and being the only viable bet, nobody consciously paid heed to eating clean. With the advent of diets, calorie counted meals and veganism, individuals are now watchful of every meal, every dish and every ingredient that makes up their diet. Having said that, Bhubaneswar is diving head-first into the ‘eat clean culture’ by making sure there are ample options for the healthy-heads to enjoy while ensuring that they are as delicious as they’re nutritious. This, in turn, is luring the junk junkies into making healthier choices since they aren’t expected to compromise on flavour, quality or quantity while pleasing their gut.

Healthy Eating Culture Bhubaneswar
PC: Superfood

There’s been a sudden burst of healthy food joints and cloud kitchens in Bhubaneswar that deliver to your doorstep as well as welcome you in for a super nourishing meal. Superfood offers a wide range of sandwiches, sizzlers, salads and more, whereas, Fittreat offers salads, wraps, detox specials, protein shakes, and more. City Grills offers specially crafted meal boxes and continental treats in addition to its vast menu. Existing sought-after eateries like Biggies Burger ‘n’ More, Taste of China and Kaati Zone Rolls and Wraps have added dedicated sections for healthy and vegan food to their menus and continue to win hearts and palates with their quality and flavours.

All in all, clean eating has crept into the hearts of Bhubaneswar’s foodies and gauging the love and acceptance it has received so far, it’s safe to say that it’s a trend that is here to stay.

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