Odisha: Experts Say Third Wave of Covid-19 Could Hit Soon

While Odisha is still dealing with the second wave of Covid-19, experts have pointed to a possible third wave of the virus. Though the exact timing and severity cannot be estimated yet, the State government has been advised to step up precautionary measures.

The experts expressed their views at a webinar organised by the Forum for Odisha Dialogues.

“Pandemics normally last for two to three years. The virus mutates and acquires an aggressive form before it weakens. So, it is normal to expect a third wave, which is going to be less virulent than the second wave”, said Dr Ramakanta Panda from the Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai.

Prof K Srinath Reddy, president of Public Health Foundation, said “We must be ready with a professional response – in terms of a geared-up health system and disciplined social behaviour. Health facilities need to be made available across the State, apart from ensuring guided or assisted home care approach”. Prof Reddy is actively involved in advising Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on the response to the pandemic.

The speakers also emphasised the need for better post-Covid care, with many patients suffering long-term illnesses that could have a link with the Covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile, the Odisha Government is preparing for a third wave by setting up more and more beds, ICU facilities, oxygen plants. The state is also addressing other issues such as the availability of restrooms, drinking water at the vaccination centres.

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