Odisha Claims Lowest COVID-19 Positivity Rate

While the national average of those who have contracted the novel coronavirus is 4.3 percent, Odisha has the lowest rate among all the states with a percentage of 0.4, as per officials.

COVID19 Positivity Rate

Odisha has only one person testing positive for every 250 sample tests, said Shalini Pandit, the mission director of the National Health Mission in the state, citing the COVID-19 data analysis of the past four weeks.

According to her, any person who tested positive for the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and was not detected on time, had the potential to unintentionally infect 400 people in a month. “In our fight against COVID-19 in the state, our main instrument is sample testing. We can find exactly where the virus is, only through testing”, said Pandit.

Meanwhile, Delhi has the highest rate of positive cases with 8.4 percent.

In the last four weeks, 15000 sample tests were conducted in Odisha across eight laboratories — four in Bhubaneswar and one each in Cuttack, Berhampur, Sambalpur, and Rourkela. The average sample tests conducted every day is 2,200. The state is also much ahead of the national average in terms of sample tests per 10 lakh population, with 662 tests against the national average of 452.

Four more centres are coming up at Koraput, Balasore, Balangir, and Baripada to test more number of samples every day. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has also asked to increase sample testing to 15,000 per day taking into account the impending return of lakhs of migrants who were stranded in other states.

As per official data, a total of 29,108 samples have been tested by Odisha, of which 125 cases were found to be positive. The state has registered only one death from the infection. Five percent of the positive cases came from abroad, while 45 percent had a travel history to neighbouring West Bengal. The remaining 50 percent were infected after coming into contact with other patients locally.

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