Covid-19: Odisha’s Oxygen Demand Exceeds First Peak Record

With a spurt in the number of Covid positive cases across the state, Odisha’s oxygen demand has hit the roof. The oxygen consumption has surpassed the peak requirement recorded from the first phase of the coronavirus infections, according to data released recently.

At present, Odisha is consuming 35.99 Metric Tonnes (MT) of Oxygen each day, with most of it being used for treating critically ill patients. The state has 748 patients lodged in ICUs currently. Last year, at the peak of the first wave, the oxygen demand was capped at 23 MT per day. The trend of higher oxygen consumption, however, is not unique to Odisha alone. All states have shown a similar pattern. This, in turn, has caused widespread oxygen shortage across most parts of the country.

At this rate, the oxygen requirement is only projected to grow further, as the number of cases continues to increase. In the last three days alone, Odisha has recorded over six thousand cases daily. However, despite the oxygen crunch seen in other states, the Odisha government has assured that there will not be a problem of oxygen inadequacy.

Additional chief secretary (Health) Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra said the government’s current capacity is to supply 129.68 MT through cylinders and 375 MT liquid medical oxygen (LMO) from various industries. On Friday, the state produced 43.40 MT through cylinders and 175.23 MT from LMO.

As the state is producing surplus oxygen, the Centre has recently allotted a proportion of it to the Delhi Government. Recently, Arvind Kejriwal also thanked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for ensuring the speedy delivery of oxygen to Delhi and appointing a special officer on the job.

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