COVID-19: Odisha among States with Highest Vaccination Counts

Odisha has made its way to the top three states to have vaccinated the most number of healthcare workers since the start of the national vaccination drive on January 16, data shared by the Union Ministry of Health reveals.

As per the data, till 6 pm on Friday, Odisha had cumulatively inoculated 1.21 lakh people, which is the third-highest after Karnataka (1.82 lakh) and Andhra Pradesh (1.27 lakh). Only four states have been able to cross the one-lakh threshold mark, with the other state being Telangana at 1.02 lakh vaccinations administered. State health authorities said that by the end of the day, that figure of the number of people vaccinated had climbed to a commendable 1,30,007.

At a time when there are widespread questions about the efficacy of the vaccines and a general reluctance to sign up for the vaccination, Odisha achieved 124% coverage across 154 vaccination sites on Friday alone. By the close of the day, it had vaccinated 16,384 people against an initial target of 13,195 people.

In the state capital Bhubaneswar, 1137 more people were inoculated on Friday against a target of 1340, meeting approximately 85% of the day’s target. However, some districts within the state displayed impressive coverage that far exceeded their initial plans and projections. In Koraput, 356 people received the Covishield jab against a target of 40, a record 890% coverage. Dhenkanal and Bhadrak too joined the list, with a 332% and 309% coverage.

Harnessing India’s prowess on vaccine manufacturing facilities and supply chains, the central government has already started exporting vaccines under both commercial ventures as well as under grants. India’s immediate neighbours Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, and maritime allies Maldives, Seychelles and Sri Lanka have already received Covishield doses by India’s Serum Institute. This is being hailed as a major diplomatic win, as India prepares itself to vaccinate not only domestically, but also extend healthcare facilities worldwide.

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