AIIMS Bhubaneswar Director, Others Bat for ‘Absolutely Safe’ COVID-19 Vaccine

AIIMS Bhubaneswar Director Dr Gitanjali Batmanabane, who is among the frontline medical personnel to have received the vaccine against the coronavirus, urged everyone to take a shot of the vaccine and downplayed rumours and fears surrounding the same.

“I did not experience any adverse event following immunization (AEFI) since the administration of the first dose on January 16. I did not feel any pain while being given the second dose either. I am perfectly fine. All must go for it,” she said.

Sunil Kota, an endocrinologist from Odisha’s Berhampur, thanked the government for its proactive response and the level of care it took for medical workers belonging to both the government and the private sector. He also advocated the greater use of the COVID-19 vaccines as a way to further deter the spread of the virus, saying, “I do not have any apprehension about the vaccine. As the days are passing by, we are coming across more scientific data and first-hand experience from colleagues about the vaccine’s efficacy.”

Kota, too, did not experience any adverse reaction following the immunization dose. A vaccine is essentially a weakened form of the original virus. Hence, some people may have a short-term, immediate reaction to the same. However, experts say that it is not a matter of concern and that the long-term benefits of injecting the vaccine far outweigh the demerits that such activity carries for the time being.

Chatrapur’s Sub-Divisional Medical Officer Kanhu Patra said that he felt relieved after having taken the second shot of the vaccine recently. “I am feeling more confident after taking the second shot. I had taken the necessary precautions after the first shot of the vaccine. Now I am fully protected from Covid,” he added.

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