Preparation In Full Swing for Rukuna Rath Yatra In Bhubaneswar

The city administration is making sincere efforts to make the Rukuna Rath Yatra, which is the chariot festival for Lord Lingaraj, a success. The Rath Yatra is scheduled to be held on Ashokashtami, which is on April 13.

Approximately seventy carpenters have been entrusted with the work of chariot construction. Four new Nahakas, as well as two new Oras, will be constructed this year. As per the plan, the wheels of the chariot will be built in the first phase.

Every year, on Ashokashtami, Lord Lingaraj travels in his chariot to Mausima temple, and this event is cherished by devotees and worshippers with much enthusiasm. During the Rath Yatra, bronze images of three deities- Chandrasekhar (Lord Lingaraj’s representative), Rukmini and Basudeva are taken out of the temple once the rituals are completed, and subsequently placed on a thirty-five feet chariot parked outside the shrine amidst the blowing of conch shells and hymn-chanting.

The Rukuna Rath Yatra precedes Lord Jagannath’s chariot festival in Puri, which is observed in June or July every year – and is also incidentally, the oldest Rath-Yatra in the world.