Why Messaging App Telegram is Gaining Popularity in India

In April, messaging app Telegram registered 400 million users worldwide – having added around 100 million users in the last year. In fact, almost 1.5 million new users are joining the platform every day.

The shift towards this instant messaging app has increased exponentially due to varied reasons. Superior security measures, ad-free service, and a host of Telegram groups/channels forming mini-communities are some of the biggest reasons behind its popularity.

Listed below are the key features that give Telegram an edge over its competitors:

State-of-the-art Encryption System

The biggest reason for Telegram’s rising popularity is its super-advanced encryption. Telegram allows users to cloak their telephone numbers. This feature was notably used during the Hong Kong protests. Apart from this, Secret Chats, a feature that allows users to keep their conversations private, has received a positive cheer. Moreover, the user base of Telegram witnessed a sharp increase after the Whatsapp spyware debacle.

User-friendly Features

Telegram offers a plethora of user-friendly features, enhancing the overall chat experience. Animated stickers are also a welcome addition on the platform. The app allows users to add these stickers to photos and videos while editing which converts it into a GIF. One of the enhanced interactive features also includes speaking GIFs.

This week, the instant messaging app announced that the latest update will allow users to upload profile videos.

High-level Security

Telegram now offers Two Factor Authentication which enhances the security on the app. This way, the app is more resistant to hacking and phishing attacks. This feature is activated every time the user tries to log in from a new device – generating an OTP for logging in.
Telegram also offers a cache memory management tool. Thus, users can directly clean-up temporary memory as per their convenience. Users can also choose the duration for which they want to keep their stored data.

Amazing Storage Solutions

Telegram not only offers a clear cache solution but also a way to restore the deleted files. Users can download these deleted data from the Telegram cloud. One can also clear the local database where texts of cached messages will be compressed to save space on the internal disk.
Recently, the app expanded the storage limit for sending media files from the existing 1.5GB to 2GB which is an added advantage over other apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Telegram for Business

Telegram for business has proven to be more effective and efficient compared to a similar offering by Whatsapp. Small businesses can use bots to connect with their market segment. Being an open-source software, Telegram allows users to tweak the codes and add further utilities as per their preference.

Multiple Account Login from Desktop

Telegram users who access the instant messaging platform through their desktop have the facility to login with three different accounts from the same location. This facility has been around since 2017.

Telegram has enabled seamless communication among its users through a variety of innovative features. It has something for everyone. And with its new round of updates coming soon, it is well-poised to further expand its user base.

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