Ways to Tend to Your Mental Health Independently

You may work out, eat clean meals, buy a scented candle every week, stick to deadlines, and meditate – but do you really take care of yourself? Your mental health determines how you surf through life, and taking care of it should be your number one priority. Sure, you may journal your thoughts, take long walks, and stay in touch with your emotions, but, is that enough?

There are several better ways to keep your mind and mental health in check. It should be noted, however, that none of these compare to the effect that professional therapy may have because only a therapist can do what a therapist can do! If you do want to take charge, though, here are some ways to check in with yourself and tend to your mental health independently.

Reframe Your Thoughts

In the midst of a difficulty, it is very easy to lose sight of all the things in your life worth celebrating and being grateful for. What can you do? Reframe. Think of it this way – you have a really picture but something is amiss. Now add a textured brown frame to it, and voila, you transformed it into something better. Do this with your thoughts. Identify negative thinking patterns and consciously look at your situation from a different, positive point of view.

Plant Distractions

It can be difficult to consciously distract yourself – but what if you stumble upon a distraction? Make a list of all the fun things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t done owing to your schedule. Add them to your daily planner. While you may be drowning in work and stressing endlessly, these little tasks will pop up and allow you to slip away for a little me-time while serving as a constructive distraction. A power break is all you need to save your sanity sometimes!

Ditch the Pressure & Wing It

We think: you don’t always need to do everything. We also think: you don’t always need to do everything perfectly. Oh, come on! Cut yourself some slack, will you? It’s okay to unload some pressure off your shoulders every once in a while. At least once/twice a week, just ditch the pressure and wing it. No rules, no schedule, no list. Irrespective of the consequences, results, outcome – we’re sure you will still do great, and well, your mind will thank you!

Creative Expression

Art, music, dance, organization, writing, pottery, gardening – the many creative ways people spend time doing something they love. Pro tip: it is the perfect way to express yourself too! Creative expression can help you vent while creating something worthwhile. Angry? Sad? Confused? No matter the emotion, let it all out, creatively! Creative expression can help you refocus and calibrate, making you feel rejuvenated!

Redecorate, Renovate, Reinvent

Mental Health Motivational Quote
Photo Credit: Briantracy.com

Your environment can play a monumental role in dictating your mental health. The stimuli that your surroundings may present to you dictate which emotions are at the forefront. Luckily, in order to switch up your state of mind, you can switch up your environment! Surround yourself with art, motivational quotes, positive affirmations, bright colours, soothing music, and a reminder of everything you love. If you feel like your mind is going to a dark place, your environment will remind you of the better things in life and suck you right back to your happy place. Remember, the best piece of decor is positivity!

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