Unusual Beaches in Odisha That Are Perfect for Your next Beach-cation

If you ask ten people where they’d like to take a beach-cation in India, 9/10 of them will say “Goa” and the odd one out will most likely say “Pondicherry”. Odisha never makes it to aspirational vacation bucket lists, and there’s a good reason for it. Odisha’s beaches are India’s best-kept secret. They are less-explored, as clean as they get, well-maintained, and oh-so-loved by the locals. One of the chief reasons why Odisha’s beaches are seldom visited is because tourists are unaware of how wonderful they are. These beaches carry an unmatched mysterious charm that has to be witnessed to be believed.

Here is a list of Odisha’s most unusually splendid beaches that will lure you in for your next beach-cation.

Chandipur Sea Beach, Balasore

Chandipur Beach Odisha
Photo Credit: Nerd Travel

Chandipur Sea Beach is also known as ‘Hide & Seek’ beach and the reason will blow your mind. At least twice every day, the sea completely disappears in the blink of an eye, leaving a dune-covered water bed behind that can be explored by foot or by car/bikes. At this magical vanishing beach, the water appears and disappears in seconds due to a difference in the high and low tides of the region. Owing to this, rare marine creatures like horseshoe crabs, king crabs, starfish, and tortoises make their way to the shore. This mystical beach is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, and we promise, it’s worth it.

Gahirmatha Beach, Kendrapara

Gahirmatha Beach Kendrapara Odisha

One of the most important nesting beaches for the Olive Ridley Turtles – Gahirmatha Beach is a wonder that separates the Bhitarkanika Mangroves from the Bay of Bengal. This beach is a haven for nature lovers as it witnesses the migration of almost half a million Olive Ridley sea turtles for mating and nesting along with myriad other unique marine life. Hatchlings from the eggs emerge after 45-60 days and it’s a rare and natural phenomenon to witness baby turtles make their way into the sea. A sight for sore eyes and a destination curated for wanderlust indeed!

Golden Beach, Puri

Golden Beach Puri Blue Flag
Photo Credit: Sudarsan Pattnaik

India’s cleanest beach – Golden Beach is one of the eight picturesque beaches in India that has earned the much-coveted ‘Blue Flag’ eco-label. This is no easy feat – the ‘Blue Flag’ eco-label is a highly recognized certification bestowed upon meeting 33 different criteria as decided by the Foundation for Environment Education, Denmark. Golden Beach boasts several superb amenities like public toilets, changing and shower rooms, safe swimming zones, jogging tracks, top-notch security, clean water supply, watchtowers, demarcated parking zones, and more. This outstanding beach destination stands out and definitely makes for an ideal beach-cation.

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