The Indian Fashion Icons That Errrybody Is Following on Instagram!

Instagram, fortunately, has become a high-end virtual runway and we have VIP passes to it, free of cost! Fashion, state-of-the-art trends, street-style, pizzazz and inspirational OOTDs are now at our fingertips. With snappy, quick-to-consume content, DIYs and how-tos, Instagram’s fashion icons have made it their life’s goal to ensure that their feed is the holy grail for trend-seekers and setters. Want to up your style game and stay on top of the trends of the hour? Here’s a list of the most sought after Indian fashion icons on Instagram that make becoming your most ‘â la mode’ self super easy!

Aashna Shroff

Indian Fashion Icons Instagram

Aashna Shroff is the proprietor of The Snob Journal – one of the most popular fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel blogs in India. Aashna flaunts a staggering follower-base of a whopping 830K followers and has been reigning the throne of Instagram’s most stylish Indian icons for quite some time now. With her effortless style, aesthetic content and undeniable edge for fashion, she’s quite the ‘favourite’ amongst the millennials and paves the path for easy-to-achieve style.

Komal Pandey

Indian Fashion Icons Instagram

Who says you can’t be a diva on a budget? Komal Pandey is a heartthrob amongst the millennials for her affordable fashion choices and relatable style. Komal’s fan base of over 1 million followers swear by her fashion choices because of how practical, effortless and reasonable they are. She’s all about experimenting, creating, exploring and digging into the deep ends of her closet to salvage forgotten pieces of clothing and transform into the next big thing. Her follow button is itching, go hit it!

Juhi Godambe

Indian Fashion Icons Instagram

The queen of street style and elegance – Juhi makes staying fashionable look heavenly! Juhi loves her fashion to reflect who she truly is and ensures to pour her little quirks, interests and preferences into each look. Juhi also recently launched her very own label called Arabella to feed her fuel for fashion and, of course, inspire her many many fans by giving them a platform to be just like her – trendy and aspirational!

Sejal Kumar

Indian Fashion Icons Instagram

With a skip in her step and a smile on her face, India’s fashion lovers are in awe of Sejal’s modest style, approachable personality and relatable content. Sejal started her career as a social media icon in 2014 and now stands at 863K followers – all of whom adore her affordable, realistic, easy-to-recreate styles. Sejal also educates and inspires her followers through her YouTube channel and aspires to change the landscape of fashion, one unique quirk at a time.

Kritika Khurana

Indian Fashion Icons Instagram

As her handle ‘That Boho Girl’ suggests, Kritika is all about easy-going trends, practical fashion and waving her magic wand to revamp old, time-worn clothes into avant-garde masterpieces. Kritika loves helping her 1 million followers upskill and learn how to pair pieces together, make the most of their wardrobe and stay in touch with the hottest trends. Cute, chic and cutting-edge is the way she likes it, and we can’t deny it, we do too! Hit follow and jump on her bandwagon of ultimate trendiness.

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