Kajol is Grace Personified as Odissi Dancer in Tribhanga

Get ready to be swayed by the charm of three ladies – Kajol, Tanvi Azmi and Mithila Palkar in Renuka Shahane’s directorial venture ‘Tribhanga.’ The trailer of the movie which was released on January 4 is already buzzing on social media.

Grabbing much attention is Kajol, who plays the character of a famous Odissi dancer. The trailer gives away a glimpse of the actor’s Odissi costume and she looks nothing but grace personified.

Dressed in a blue Ikat saree, Kajol has elaborately used the Odissi costume components including the traditional silver ‘maang tika,’ long earrings, armbands, the ‘mekhala’ or the belt.

Kajol Tribhanga Odissi Dance Netflix

Though the movie is more of a family drama, which talks of a dysfunctional family through three generations, the references to Odissi dance form is unmissable.

In the trailer, Kajol introduces the characters – Nayan played by Azmi as ‘Abhanga,’ Masha played by Mithila as ‘Samabhanga’ and her own character Anuradha as ‘Tribhanga.’

The dance postures reveal the character traits of the trio. Abhanga posture is achieved when the body weight shifts to one side, signifying imbalance. ‘Samabhanga’ posture is attained when the body is in complete balance at any stage in the dance, much like Masha which is like a calming force among the three women.

Tribhanga is the ‘triple-bend position’ in which the body bends in one direction at the knees, another direction at the hips and in a third direction at the shoulders and neck. The stance mostly signifies youthful energy much like the character played by Kajol.

“I wanted to capture the dysfunctional family dynamics when the core, the relationship with the mother, is shaky and unstable. I added three different generations to better reflect the inter-generational perspective in looking at the same event in three different ways,” director Renuka Shahane said in a statement.

Tribhanga, which is being produced by Ajay Devgn, Siddharth P Malhotra, Sapna Malhotra, Deepak Dhar, Rishi Negi and Parag Desai, will premiere on Netflix on January 15.

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