Good Samaritan: Odisha Cop Wins Heart for Sweeping Off Road Rubble

Work is worship, a traffic cop in Odisha has given the phrase a new meaning.

Meet Havildar Lalit Rout, posted at Shikharpur Chowk in Cuttack. He is the new social media hero for his kind act.

On Saturday, a video posted on social media featured him sweeping the street at his traffic post. A closer look revealed he was clearing off the rubble gathered on one side of the road.

“I had seen some road chips and sand gathered on the road. The vehicles were finding it difficult to negotiate through the place. There were also chances of accidents as vehicles could skid off due to the rubble. So, I fetched a broom from a nearby house and swept the road chip and sand to a corner when the signal was red,” says Lalit explaining his actions.

Once the video was shared on social media, it garnered heaps of praises for the traffic cop. Many users complimented him for going beyond the call of duty to help others.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear hats,” a social media user commented while sharing the video.

Lalit, unaware that his act had created a frenzy said that he only did his ‘duty.’

“This is my place of work. My duty is not limited to managing the traffic but also ensuring a safe passage of all commuters. So, what I did was purely out of respect for my work. I didn’t think of it as anything else. I am happy that people are appreciating my work,” he says.

This is not the first time Lalit Rout’s kind act has caught the attention of people. Earlier, he was seen helping differently-abled persons to cross the road. He had also helped victims in a road accident.

Lalit Rout’s dedication towards work had also prompted the Commissionerate Police to felicitate him.

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