7 Things About the FRIENDS Reunion That Made Us Go… Oh. My. God!

Seventeen years ago, the iconic TV show, FRIENDS, bid its fans adieu, leaving them longing for more. This evergreen sitcom has served as so much more than a show – it has breathed life into millions of hearts. The FRIENDS Reunion offered fans an immersive experience from the eyes of the cast, creators and crew to fill the unimaginable void. Watching the cast set foot on set again, dig up memories, and relive their characters as if no time had passed has been every die hard’s dream… which finally came true! Here are 7 things we absolutely loved about the FRIENDS Reunion that made our hearts do a little cartwheel (like Rachel’s) and dance (like Chandler’s).

Ross & Rachel Were the Real Deal!

Friends Reunion Ross And Monica

Actors Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer admitted to having a massive crush on each other while filming the first season of the show, which stands to reason that all the sizzling chemistry the two shared on screen stemmed from, well, TRUE LOVE! Be still my beating heart.

It’s International Love!

Friends Reunion International Fans

FRIENDS has made a positive impact on countless lives all over the world, and The Reunion threw light on these heartfelt stories that really made us feel some type of way. From Ghana to India, from Spain to Pakistan – FRIENDS has trickled into the farthest corners of the world, and our hearts too.


Friends Reunion Ross And Rachel Love

For 17 years, every FRIENDS fan has contemplated… were Ross & Rachel on a break? Every fan definitely breathed a sigh of relief when they FINALLY cleared that right up with one unanimous vote – YES! THEY WERE ON A BREAK!

The (second) best rendition of Smelly Cat!

FRIENDS Reunion Phoebe and Lady Gaga

We’re certain that nothing can top Phoebe’s OG version of Smelly Cat, but boy did Lady Gaga’s rendition blow our minds! Not only did her duet with Lisa Kudrow slay the day, she absolutely won our hearts by thanking Phoebe for making standing out from the crowd feel like a celebration.

Could he be wearing any more clothes?

Friends Reunion Chandler Clothes

One of the most bizarrely iconic costumes across all ten seasons was Joey donning ALL of Chandler’s clothes to get back at him for stealing his underwear. To our pleasant surprise, Matt LeBlanc decided to pay homage to that memory and do it all over again! Including the lunges! Oh, Joey and his ways.

They won back their apartment!

Friends Reunion Quiz

The cast recreated one of the funniest (read: nerve-racking) moments of the show – the quiz that cost Monica and Rachel their apartment. Well, the girls managed to win it this time and we’d like to believe they won back their apartment (fair and square!).

And finally… OH MY GOD!

Friends Reunion Oh My God

The cast was asked “who has the loudest laugh?” and they all agreed it was Lisa Kudrow… until… a very dumbfounded Maggie Wheeler enters and it suddenly hits them – the correct answer is, and always will be JANICE! Almost two decades later, her contagious laugh still echoes in our ears, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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