7 Movies Featuring Pets That Are Effortlessly Heart-warming

Pets have a way of trickling into our hearts, making a warm home, and staying there. Most people will agree that spending some quality time with adorable pooches or watching them on screen can effortlessly bust stress and cause your serotonin levels to hit the roof. Well, we’re here to scratch that itch and make your heart explode with movies featuring pets that make for a great cinematic experience for the whole family (furries included!). Put on your PJs this weekend and grab a tub of popcorn (and bones for your pet), for here’s a gamut of unfailing pick-me-ups that will make you laugh, cry, and most probably, want to get a pet!

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

Hachiko Dog Movie

An adaptation of the 1987 Japanese film Hachikō Monogatari – this 2009 American drama feature tells a real-life story of a college professor who takes in an abandoned Akita dog, who becomes his whole world. Even after his master dies, Hachiko waits for him for almost a decade, in the hope that he will return. A tale of undying loyalty and eternal love.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me Movie Dog

A classic starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson based on a book by John Grogan. The story follows a couple who adopt a mischievous Labrador named Marley. Spoiler alert: Marley changes their lives for the better, in spite of the hurdles that they learn to overcome. Pro tip: keep a box of tissues handy!

My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip Movie Dog

Some of the best friendships in the world are shared by men and their dogs, as confirmed by Willie Morris and his talented Terrier, Skip. The film features the unconventional and heartwarming friendship of a boy and his pooch and how he turns his life inside out, in the best way, forevermore. Lyrical, touching and a real tear-jerker.

Free Willy

Free Willy Dolphin Movie

Two friends, two worlds apart – one on land, one in water, come together in an emotional rendition about friendship knowing no bounds. When a foster boy, Jesse, befriends a captive Orca named Willy, he risks everything to free his helpless friend when threatened to be killed by aquarium owners. Friendship needs no words – we know that now!


Flipper Movie Dolphin Pet

Sandy Ricks is sent to a rustic Island by his mother for a summer-cation with his uncle, much to his dismay. Sandy is sceptical, and hates everything about this new setup, until his new friend, Flipper the dolphin, comes into his life and leads him on a summer adventure of a lifetime. Dolphin? More like Dol-Fun!

Lassie Comes Home

Movies Featuring Pets

This 1943 classic beautifully encapsulates to what ends a dog will go to prove their love and loyalty to those who pour their hearts into theirs. Set in Britain during the Depression, the story follows a lovable Collie’s dangerous quest of finding his way back home to his 11-year-old buddy, when sold off to a wealthy duke.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller Movie Dog Pet

We won’t keep you in the dark – this one will break your heart. Set in post Civil War Texas, the Coates children find and fall in love with Old Yeller, a Black Mouth Cur. An adventurous and loving story comes to an end when Old Yeller is bitten while saving his family from a rabid wolf. A story of separation, love and making some of life’s toughest choices.

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