6 Celebrities Who Are Killing It with Their Hilarious Twitter Game

Twitter gains hundreds of millions of users each year, and yet, there are several diamonds in the dust that shine so much brighter than the others. Yes, we’re talking about celebrities who bring their quirky personality, sense of humour and self-deprecating quips besides their obvious talents to the platform and make the cuckoo world of 280 characters better. While the world is on fire, we thought you could use golden gags by some of the most popular people on the planet to brighten up your day. Here are 6 celebrities who are acing the Twitter game and are worth following.

Ellen DeGeneres

Her tweets pay homage to her personality – candid, hilarious and honest. Ellen’s Twitter is conversational and quick-witted. Not only does she post highlights from her show and rib-tickling bad photoshop jobs, but she also converses with other celebs in her own bizarre, comical way. The best part? She is the brain behind her tweets, as confirmed by her bio that reads – “My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular”.

James Blunt

If you thought James Blunt couldn’t get any better than his scintillating voice and dreamy eyes, you haven’t paid a visit to his Twitter profile. The You’re Beautiful singer has found himself a second-career through his hilarious, self-deprecating, contagious sense of humour on Twitter, and we cannot seem to get enough. If he can make social distancing seem hilarious, he can do just about anything.

Vir Das

The king of ‘saying it as it is’ sure knows how to ‘say it’ in a side-splitting way. Vir’s style is staying abreast and vocal of social happenings and expressing his unfiltered opinions in a comical yet serious way and we’ll take this opportunity to say – ‘Das’ how we like it. If there’s anyone who can help millennials stay up-to-date in a sincere yet entertaining way, it has got to be this maestro.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world, with his quick wit, revolutionary vision and stellar sense of humour is truly out of the world (pun intended). Whether you love him or hate him (we can’t think of a single reason why), this serial entrepreneur and dreamer’s Twitter account never fails to amuse.

Ryan Reynolds

We’re convinced that Ryan Reynolds is the prototype for a ‘perfect’ human being. A phenomenal actor, doting father (don’t let his tweets confuse you), loving husband and a super-chill pet parent with an unending arsenal of jokes – can anyone ask for more? Through his enterprising and giggle-worthy tweets, Reynolds is on a quest to convince the world that he truly is Deadpool IRL too, and dare we say, rules Twitter!

Anna Kendrick

If there’s one thing Anna Kendrick is – apart from stunning, talented and brilliant – it is relatable! Anna Kendrick’s tweets are what every millennial needs – a reassuring hug that everyone is struggling, confused and socially awkward, no matter how they come across on screen. Her positive, funny and candid take on the world is the perfect pick-me-up when you need it, and well, even when you don’t!

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