5 Sustainable Fashion Brands from India That Will Amp up Your Wardrobe

The world of fashion has recently witnessed a powerful paradigm shift. Apart from becoming increasingly contemporary, it has also become conscious. With Earth Day right around the corner, it’s time to acknowledge what we already know – the planet needs our help. There are many ways to contribute, but since we do things the fun way, you can shop to save mother Earth!

Opting for sustainable fashion (aka slow fashion) instead of fast fashion is the way to go. What is fast fashion? The process of manufacturing inexpensive items to stay abreast of the latest fashion fads. The problem? Mass-production, cheap outsourced labour, and tons of harmful waste. Lucky for us, there are several brands in India that are flipping the script by manufacturing equally trendy fashion while keeping the planet’s wellbeing in mind.

Budding sustainable fashion brands and fashion moguls are putting an eco-friendly, ethical and meaningful spin on what makes its way into our closet, and we’ll take the liberty to say that they’re absolutely killing it. Here are five conscious brands from India that do not compromise on style or responsibility.

Maati by Neha Kabra

Maati is an environmentally friendly, PETA verified brand that is rooted in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Maati’s ideology is simple – sustainable living and community building. Maati uses up-cycled fabrics and natural dyes while providing fair employment and good working conditions to locals. Their garments are all hand-made, keeping consciousness and diligence in mind. Their prints, by the way, have a special place in our hearts!

B Label

Through their stunning apparel and accessories, B Label encourages its consumers to take the greener route where science meets fashion and style meets sustainability. B Label relies heavily on hemp fabric because it is as environment-friendly as it gets. Their garments are UV-resistant, anti-bacterial, carbon-negative, mould and mildew resistant and long-lasting. P.S. They offer SO much more than clothes!

No Nasties

As the name suggests, No Nasties has dedicated itself to manufacturing 100% organic and vegan items that will add that much-needed conscious love to your wardrobe. Their garments are conscious, comfy, and super chic. The cherry on top? They guarantee fair labor as well as carbon-neutral, zero-plastic packaging! Did we mention that they’re size inclusive too? Talk about having it all!


Based out of Auroville, Tamil Nadu – Upasana weaves together culture, fashion, business, and social responsibility. Upasana looks at social problems as an opportunity to facilitate change – be it farmer suicides, pollution, or unemployment. With organic fabrics, natural dyes, and upcycling practices, Upasana doesn’t just offer you spectacular wardrobe statements but also a chance to give back to the environment. Want to give someone the gift of sustainability? They offer you conscious gifting solutions too!


Well, if there’s anyone who really knows how to recycle, and recycles recycled items too, it’s Doodlage. Doodlage converts factory waste into limited-edition collections. They also recycle consumer waste and post-cutting scraps into new fabrics and all-season garments. They convert their scraps into accessories, packaging, stationery, and soft furnishing items. Phew! Is there anything they cannot do? Oh yeah, they cannot go out of style and stop being 100% sustainable! Their fanny packs, by the way, are too cute to be true.

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