5 Apps that will Make Your Life Oh-so-simple!

Amidst the fast-paced schedules we abide by, our biggest asset is time. There are several different ways we can save time and live more efficiently – but since our lives are dictated by our digital friends, we might as well put them to use to help us through the labyrinth of unending tasks, complicated calculations or remembering when to pack a tampon or two. Well, thanks to constantly evolving digital innovations, there are several apps that are specifically designed to make our lives simpler – both professionally and personally. Here are 5 apps that you can pin your faith on to live a simpler, more efficient and stress-free life!


5 Apps Life Simple

Splitwise is one of the easiest and most methodical ways to share expenses with your friends, colleagues, roommates or anybody else. Do I owe you money? Do you owe me money? To whom do we owe money? Splitwise answers all these questions for you and helps you keep a close tab on the money you and your friends have spent. It then splits these expenses accordingly by telling you exactly how much money you owe your friends and how much money your friends owe you! Pretty neat, eh?


Waze App

At some point, we’ve fallen into the lap of pandemonium because Google Maps didn’t specify whether or not you must drive over the flyover. Is there a potential short cut? No idea. Is there a road-block ahead? Nope, not a clue. The solution? Waze! Waze is the better, more dependable proxy for Google Maps. Waze shares real-time information about traffic and road conditions, accidents, blocked roads, weather conditions and so much more. Waze helps you optimize your driving experience by suggesting the fastest and shortest route to your destination.


Clue Period App

Clue is one of the most reliable period trackers that helps you keep a keen eye on your cycle, moods, PMS, ovulation and more. Over time, using the data you feed in, Clue helps you understand your body better through your symptoms and offers you valuable insights too. Why track your cycle? Clue can help you understand the duration and gap of and between your cycles, helps you plan a trip or doctors’ appointments according to when your cycle may be due and digs deep into comorbidities that may be caused by menstruation. Your gynaecologist will be proud of you.


MyFitnessPal App

Staying in shape, eating healthy and monitoring your exercise regime is all the craze right now – of course, the right kind. MyFitnessPal is a go-to app to count calories, monitor weight loss and predict your fitness journey. With the largest food database of over 5,000,000 foods, MyFitnessPal helps you learn about the nature and composition of the food you consume and also informs you, at the end of each day, about your overall food and calorie intake.

Stay Hydrated

5 Apps Life Simple

As the old adage says, you must drink at least 3 litres of water every day, without fail! Well, to be honest, it is very easy to forget to hydrate your body when you’re caught up in a web of tasks or simply don’t feel thirsty during winters or without any kind of physical exertion. Stay Hydrated is an app that allows you to set frequent reminders to drink water, keeps track of how much water you have consumed during the day and helps you set and achieve your hydration goals too. The smarter way to remember to stay hydrated is here, and oh how we love it!

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