Review Committee urges Utkal University to work on Branding

An academic review committee, set up by the Odisha Higher Education Department to probe into the activities and performance of the state’s premier Utkal University, has furnished its report suggesting several measures to boost the university’s credentials. The report comes at a time when stark lapses were found unaddressed concerning the administration of the university.

The primary thrust of the report, prepared by a five-member committee and led by Odisha State Higher Education Council vice-chairman Asoka Kumar Das, appears to be on improving the university’s public image and national rankings. It has strongly suggested immediate adoption of effective social media strategies for maintaining better public relations as well as to gauge the demands of the day, apart from other constructive ideas.

“Branding and public relations is considered as a necessary component in every university. It is also important for national and international rankings, which determine peer perception. However, at present, all that the university has done is to list its future intentions. In actuality, there has been no perceptible concrete achievement in terms of documentation, website upgradation, presence on social sites or alumni programs except for the mega alumni meet during the 75th year celebrations,” the report said.

The committee has also noted that there was no follow-up attempt to consolidate from the gains of the mega alumni meet on the occasion of the university’s 75th-anniversary celebrations. It has thereby suggested that all activities of the university be brought to the limelight by proper use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes.

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