Patnaik Inaugurates Four Newly-constructed Buildings at Rama Devi Women’s University

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated four newly-constructed buildings at Rama Devi Women’s University in Bhubaneswar. In his inaugural speech, Patnaik informed that Rs 33 crore was earmarked for the newly-built academic block, library and hostel building of the women’s institute. He further announced that Rs 18 crore had been allocated for the renovation of existing infrastructure like academic building, hostel building and open-air stage.

While addressing the students, Patnaik stated that this was the first time he was meeting students since the onset of COVID-19. “This is a unique institute in the sense that it’s the first and only university in Odisha till now, dedicated to women’s education. It carries the vision of Maa Ramadevi for the education and empowerment of women in Odisha. Therefore, the responsibility is also unique. How you go ahead with your opportunities, and how you face the challenges that come in your way will define this university’s future. I believe; you are bustling with your talent and courage to redefine your institute’s prestige and dignity to make it one of the best institutes in the country,” Patnaik said.

The CM further urged students to redefine the institute’s prestige and make it one of the country’s best. Calling students the future of society & harbinger of change, Patnaik emphasised that women today are leading in every sphere with their sheer confidence and by trusting their own talent. He concluded his speech by saying, “women today are leading society everywhere. From business and industry to sports, defence and economy, women are everywhere to lead the world and guide society. Vice President of United States Kamala Harris, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, IMF Chief Economist Geeta Gopinathan, Biocon Founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Missile woman of India Tessy Thomas, Olympian PV Sindhu…. and the list continues.”

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