IIT Bhubaneswar Concludes Spring-end Semester Examinations

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has completed its 2020-21 spring-end semester examinations for all students except the first-year Bachelor of Technology batch.

Due to the delayed admission and commencement of the semester across all IITs, exams of the first year students will take another month and a half to complete.

As per a senior official, during the lockdown of March 2020, the institute shifted to online classes without any break due to prior preparation, innovation and sound execution.

“Due to the very tough pandemic, the theory classes for the entire 2020-21 too were conducted online, timely for all the students. For science and engineering students, hands-on laboratory training is important, and carrying on the same during the pandemic posed a serious problem. Similarly, project and research seminars, evaluations, of UG, PG, and PhD programs have been conducted over online platforms,” stated Prof Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar.

Prof Raja Kumar added that health is the utmost priority during these testing times. “IIT Bhubaneswar campus has been kept Covid-free except for 5 cases in September 2021 and up to 7 cases in April 2021 and 5 cases in May 2021, through strict and spirited implementation of the Covid protocols, awareness campaigns and participation of the whole fraternity in the same. Though the situation in Odisha has been better, nearly 90 percent of our students come from all places in the country, up to 2000 migrant workers stayed in the campus, and the challenges have been like anywhere else”.

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