Ganjam: Government-run Schools to Get a Massive Infrastructure Upgrade

Under the high school transformation project of the 5T initiative, 133 government-run schools, along with 22 Odisha Adarsha Vidyalayas in Ganjam district will get an infrastructure upgrade in both academic and non-academic facilities.

“The work has already begun within the schools which have been recognised for the programme within the 22 blocks of the district. We’re aiming to finish it earlier than August 15. I have been reviewing the progress of the challenge each week to make sure it’s well-timed completion. The federal government has determined to permit these schools to start outperforming from October 2,” Ganjam district collector, Vijay Amruta Kulange said.

Under this initiative, the district administration will bring about the following upgrades:

  • Interactive and good quality classrooms,
  • E-library-cum studying rooms
  • Better science laboratories
  • Safe and pure drinking water and clean toilets
  • Better playgrounds for children, improved sports facilities

Administering bodies, including the gram panchayats, the school management development bodies, the alumni association will be involved in the project. This association of the local communities will assure the sustainability of the upgraded infrastructures in the schools.

“The target is to instil a way of pleasure and aspiration within the school students relating to their faculty campus and inspire them to attend it often,” Kulange said. He further informed that about 50 to 60 lakh could be spent on each institute for the infrastructure rebuilding. While the principal contribution will seemingly be from the ‘Mo Faculty’ capital reserve, the remaining sum will probably be allocated from the gram panchayat improvement funds, the company social accountability funds.

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