CM Patnaik Promises Upgrades to Over 1,000 Schools Across Odisha

In a forward-thinking and progressive move taken by the state government, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced that over a thousand government-run schools will be transformed through modern facilities like smart classrooms, e-library cum reading rooms, modern science laboratory, hygienic toilets, safe drinking water and sports infrastructures.

Hailing the move as the “base for a progressive Odisha”, Patnaik said that about 1,070 schools would be targeted for infrastructural upgrades and other associated amenities necessary in the first phase. The Chief Minister also noted that providing quality education and building good schools would enable children of the state to dream big and fulfil their aspirations.

At present, about fifty schools have been transformed with the set of promised amenities that would now be replicated in other schools in the first phase. Many of these facilities are not available in some of the premier institutions in the state capital Bhubaneswar too. He inaugurated the ten schools in his assembly constituency of Hinjili in the Ganjam district. Patnaik dedicated the ten schools to the state.

While Patnaik inaugurated the schools from Bhubaneswar through virtual mode, ministers, MLAs and other functionaries were present at the schools along with the students, parents and local people.

The state government has undertaken the project as a part of its end vision of the 5T (Technology, Teamwork, Time, Transparency leading to Transformation) initiative. A wide array of projects have been flagged off and state spending in the social sector has been on the rise for a good number of years. The increased spending on the social sector, while may not bear fruit in the immediate run, is proven to act as a growth catalyst in the long run and serves as key parameters to upgrading the HDI ranks within the country and beyond borders.

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