Odisha Girl Wins PM’s Recognition in Mann Ki Baat

Bhagyashree Sahoo, an engineering student turned Pattachitra artist from Odisha, was mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his inaugural edition of 2021’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Bhagyashree, who resides in Rourkela, mastered the art of creating Pattachitra on various themes using soft stones.

During the lockdown phase, she had created splendid arts on unused bottles, fuse electric bulbs and others glass and plastic materials. “On her way to college, Bhagyashree found these soft stones, she collected and cleaned them. Later, she painted these stones in Pattachitra style for two hours every day. After painting these stones, she started gifting them to her friends. During the lockdown, she started painting on bottles too. And now, she even conducts workshops on this art form,” PM Modi said. The Prime Minister also wished her the best for her future endeavours.

Bhagyashree Sahoo Odisha

It was without a doubt a joyous moment for Bhagyashree to hear her name mentioned by the Prime Minister. “The moment Modi Ji spoke on me was unbelievable. I can’t express my feelings. I would like to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for recognising me and my art,” Bhagyashree said. “It was only my passion which got the applause from the Prime Minister. After PM’s recognition, my family started extending support and insists on setting up a start-up with the arts”, she added.

Having already created several artistic works on the many appearances of Lord Jagannath, Bhagyashree plans to make more paintings on other Hindu deities like Shiva-Parbati and Radha-Krishna. BJP National Vice President Jay Panda, also from Odisha, took to Twitter to share the success story of Bhagyashree, expressing, “Follow your passion and find your purpose. Bhagyashree Sahu from Odisha is a fine example.”

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