City Doctor’s Short Wins Accolades At Film Fests

A short film by Dr Ramaraman Sarangi, a Bhubaneswar-based cardiovascular surgeon, was recently screened at two film festivals in Kolkata and one in Mumbai, and has won certificates of excellence. The short, called ‘Ma Nuhen Patita’ is based on a theme derived from a poem of the same title by Dr Sarojini Sarangi, a gynaecologist.

The thirty-seven minutes, forty-two seconds short was screened at the 8th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival and the 7th Indian Cine Film Festival at Mumbai, and was well received by the audiences at both these events. “The film is a much-needed answer, a sort of panacea, for those women who face taboos in society and feel helpless. It’s about grit, fortitude, determination, and most importantly, the endurance of a sense of positivity of mind that can help women defeat all odds in the society”, the director said.

The story revolves around a woman who works as a sex worker in a red-light area. It presents her challenges in bringing up her daughter while keeping her father’s identity anonymous. Her struggle in society, and finally raising her daughter to be a successful woman, has been portrayed through this short film.

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