Bhubaneswar’s First Robotic Restaurant ‘Robo Chef’ Now Open

Robo Chef, the first robotic restaurant in Bhubaneswar opened on Wednesday, where two ‘Made in India’ humanoid robots named Champa and Chameli will provide service to its customers. The restaurant located in Chandrasekharpur served its first set of customers who were left fascinated by this unique concept.

Jeet Basa, the owner who is a civil engineer, said he was inspired by this concept having witnessed it during his visit to the US. “Though there are several restaurants in India where robots are serving customers, Robo Chef is probably the first restaurant where there is no special track for them. They can move on in any uniform surface. Besides, the two robots that we have is completely manufactured in India unlike other restaurants where they are imported from China,” said Basa.

The robots at Robo Chef make use of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) – a technology that does not need any guided path or environment modification.

“The robots have 17 kinds of censors that sense the environment, heat, even smoke, identify persons, greet and welcome people,” said Basa.

The joint cost of the two humanoid robots is said to be around Rs 5.5 lakh each. The robots are capable of working up to 8 hours once fully charged, which takes around half an hour and lift dishes upto 20 kilograms.

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