Bhubaneswar To Open Sensory Park For Differently Abled Children

Bhubaneswar Smart City is set to come up with a new sensory park for children with special needs in the Saheed Nagar area. This is a first of its kind opening in the city and comes as a welcome addition to the efforts being made to promote accessibility of public utility for all.

The Sensory Park has been built at Plot No-1786 on Maharshi college road in Ward No-30. The park has been designed to ensure the safety of special kids, such that they have no worries while enjoying their quality time inside the park with family and friends.

Developed with an initial capital outlay of ₹93 lakh, the Sensory Park built by the Bhubaneshwar Smart City Limited (BSCL) covering an area of 0.37 acres (approximately 16,117 square feet), has insulated pathways laid with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) flooring, playing equipment for physically challenged kids, special open-air gym equipment.

“This unique project will provide a recreational facility at Saheed Nagar area for physically challenged people. By providing a park with special features it would help the physically challenged children and their kin during early morning and evening hours. Provision of play equipment and open-air gym will also encourage the special kids and adults to remain fit and smart,” said CEO of BSCL Sanjay Kumar Singh.

Several rides have been included within the park for the joy of those who visit. They include wheelchair swing, two-seater swing, bucket swing, multiline swing, single-seater spring rider, musical polls, sound play, drum track, musical panel, sound play table, shoulder builder, 3-seater ground-level merry-go-round (MGR), multi-seater MGR, wheelchair MGR, slides, two-seater spring see-saw, double bar see-saw, monkey bar climber, ball pool, adventure climber and multiplay.

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