5 Must Know Art Forms of Odisha

Odisha is renowned for its temples and beaches across the globe. While all this architectural heritage and scenic beauty are worth the attention, there are innumerable art forms of this land waiting to be explored and appreciated.

We bring to you a curated list of 5 most popular art forms of Odisha:

Applique Textile Art

Applique art Odisha
Applique Textile Art

Applique is an art form where pieces of fabric and optionally small mirrors are sewn over a base fabric to build intricate designs for garments and decorative items. While the art form is practised in most parts of India; Pipli, a small town of Odisha is renowned for it.

Applique art odisha

The Pipli applique owes its origin to the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath where appliqued canopies known as chanduas were designed for the Lord’s chariot. Today, this art form is gaining prominence as it’s being used to design bulb shades and bags.

Pattachitra or Patachitra

Pattachitra art odisha
Pattachitra Art
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One of the most ancient art forms of Odisha and West Bengal, Patachitra primarily aims at depicting Hindu tales and mythologies delicately weaved on a piece of pata (cloth) or palm leaf. While some Patachitra painting takes a few days to complete, other finely engraved ones might take months.

Rock Engravings

Rock art was widespread in ancient India and Odisha has its own tales to tell. The state’s first form of rock art was discovered in Jharsuguda district’s Vikramkhol rock shelters, around the year 1933. Today, it can be found in the premises of corporate offices as well as some universities in the state.

Art Forms Of Odisha
Rock Art Odisha PC: Live History India

To this date, the Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, and Udaygiri caves attract explorers for the brilliance of the rock art legacy left behind.


Tarakashi art Odisha
Tarakashi art Odisha PC: Silverlinings

The silver ‘filigree’ art from Cuttack, is an art form that is more than 500 years old. Mostly used for creating mementoes of the natural flora and fauna, monuments, folk-tales and as jewellery for Durga Puja idols, weddings and Odissi dancers, the fine intricacy of the design is spectacular.

Dhokra (or Dokra) Art

Dhokra Art Forms Of Odisha
Dhokra art Odisha PC: Craftsvilla

This is an art form that uses the lost-wax process to create metallic statuettes of animals, humans, birds and other household decorative items. It is named Dokra after the Dhokra Damar tribe of Odisha and West Bengal that reportedly begun this craftsmanship 4000 years ago!

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