Odisha Collects Record OGST In May Despite Covid Woes

The state government has collected a record Rs 827.43 crore as Odisha Goods and Services Tax (OGST) during May 2021, the Commissionerate of Commercial Tax and GST declared.

As per the statement issued by the Commissionerate of Commercial Tax and GST, the OGST collection was Rs 589.30 crore during May 2019 and Rs 440.67 crore during May 2020. This year’s collections have recorded a growth of 40 per cent against the corresponding month of 2019. “The growth of the collection of OGST is despite the extension of return filing date by the GST Council and poor filing of returns/ payment of tax by dealers having turnover of less than Rs 5 crores,” the statement said.

“This growth in OGST collection is a result of better compliance by dealers having turnover of more than Rs 5 crore during the previous year, increased collection from iron and steel sector as well as collection from matured GST demand made by tax officers after return scrutiny,” said officials from the finance department.

Given below are the details of GST, VAT and other taxes collected:

  • The government has collected Rs 690.32 crore in Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), Rs 1094.7 crore in Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) and Rs 584.3 crore in Cess.
  • In May 2021, GST collection was Rs 3196.75 crore as against Rs 2140.37 crore collected during May 2019 and Rs 1724.26 crore during May last year.
  • A VAT collection on petrol and liquor of Rs 792.71 crore during May 2021 as against Rs 588.81 crore during May 2019 and Rs 188.52 crore during May 2020. A growth rate of 34.69% has been witnessed compared to the collection in May 2019.
  • Collection from liquor and petroleum products is Rs 665.83 crore and Rs 187.3 crore respectively.
  • The entire e-waybill generated in May this year was Rs 11.69 lakh against Rs 11.41 lakh during May 2019 and Rs 8.55 lakh in the corresponding month last year.

The Commissionerate of Commercial Tax and GST of the state government has been aiming at broadening the tax base of GST with routine survey and registration. A total of 5,479 new registrants have been brought under the GST scanner during April and May this year.

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