Odisha Changes Key Labour Laws To Compensate Loss Of Man-Hours

Taking into account considerations from industries and allied industry associations, the Odisha government has temporarily tweaked the daily eight-hour shift to twelve hours, by changing the Factories Act (1948).

“In exercise of power conferred by Section 5 and 65 of the Factories Act, 1948, the Government of Odisha hereby directs that all the factories registered under the said Act will be exempted from provisions relating to weekly, daily hours and interval of rest of adult workers under Section 51, 54, 55 and 56 for a period of three months and a 12-hour shift is allowed in the period,” reads a government notification.

As per the notification, the period of work for each adult worker shall be fixed in such a way that no worker has to work at a stretch for six hours or more. A minimum layover period of thirty minutes has to be granted between two six-hour shifts. Additionally, no female worker will be permitted to work in the factory premises beyond 7 PM and before 6 AM, unless exceptionally prescribed the government in this regard.

However, workers will be eligible for compensation due to over-time work, as notified under Section 59 of the Factories Act. It is subject to a maximum of twenty-four hours worth of overtime payment.

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