Hospitals in Odisha to Get Free Oxygen from IFFCO

At a time when the country is dealing with a shortage of oxygen supply, the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has decided to offer free refills of oxygen cylinders for hospitals in Odisha. The decision was communicated by Dr. US Awasthi, Managing Director & CEO, IFFCO.

“Those wishing to avail the service need to bring their cylinders for a free refill. A security deposit will be required if cylinders are taken from IFFCO to avoid hoarding of oxygen,” said the CEO.

IFFCO’s fourth medical oxygen plant at Paradeep can fill 520 big D type cylinders and 200 medium B size cylinders daily to match the rising demand of the hospitals. This free service is scheduled to begin on June 15.

Meanwhile, they are also setting up their second oxygen plant in Uttar Pradesh. The facility will commence operations from May 30 and provide a free supply of oxygen to hospitals in the state and the adjoining areas.

A total of four oxygen plants is being set up by IFFCO all over India. The cost of the project is estimated at ₹30 crores. Two plants will be established in Uttar Pradesh – one at Aonla in Baraily and the other at Phulphur in Prayagraj. Apart from these, one plant is coming at Paradeep in Odisha and another at Kalol in Gujarat.

“To give free oxygen to hospitals in nation’s service, IFFCO gave an order for second Medical Oxygen plant with capacity of 130 cubic meters per hour in its Aonla unit in Uttar Pradesh. Will commence by 30th May”, tweeted Awasthi.

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