Foreign Post Office Opens At Mancheswar

On July 20, the people of Mancheswar witnessed the opening of Odisha’s first Foreign Post Office (FPO). The inauguration was held in presence of dignitaries like Ananta Narayan Nanda, secretary department of posts, Santosh Kumar Mohanty, additional commissioner Central Excise (customs and GST), Bhubaneswar zone and other officials.

Earlier, there used to be a delay in processing and transmission of foreign articles and mails which were booked in Odisha. The mails were delivered through the FPO in Kolkata, which created dissatisfaction among the customers. As a result, India Post opened an FPO and an office in Bhubaneswar. The FPO is set up in joint collaboration with the postal and customs departments of the Centre.

“Initially, the FPO Bhubaneswar will function as export facilitation centre. After customs clearance, the foreign articles will be dispatched to the destination countries through the Office of Exchange, Kolkata. Afterwards, it will deal with the inbound as well as outbound foreign articles when the international flights to other countries will fly from Bhubaneswar,” said Santosh Kumar Kamila, chief postmaster general, Odisha circle.

This post office will facilitate the export of various artefacts. Kamila believes that the FPO will facilitate in taking the cultural and heritage products of Odisha to the whole world. Artefacts like Odissi handlooms, Dhokra casting, can be exported to the art lovers worldwide. The FPO will handle all the 1210 departmental post offices across the state. India Post expects growth in the delivery of foreign mails, once the FPO is fully functional.

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